Anna Badina*

Anna Badina Postcard Journey to Kyoto


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Anna Badina è una designer grafica e illustratrice svizzera - russa che vive a Bienne, in Svizzera. Con passione per la cultura giapponese, si concentra sui suoi dettagli, soprattutto sulle persone e sul mondo che li circonda.
La sottigliezza delle differenze culturali è particolarmente visibile nella sua illustrazione applicando inchiostro indiano e penna.

  • City in the Nature: Despite the constant evolution, the ancient capital has kept its enveloping softness. Lulled by seasonal rituals, enamelled with gardens, surrounded by wooded mountains of red pine and bamboo, it marks out the months as close to nature as possible.
  • Daily life: Kyoto is the perfect city for those who like a slower rhythm of life. With its many temples and shrines, as well as the river that runs through the city, it is the place to live for anyone who wants to fully enjoy the beauty of Japan.
  • Inari fox: There are many fox sculptures at the Fushimi Inari Taisha, as the shrine is dedicated to the Japanese deity Inari and the fox is considered his messenger. The Inari foxes at the shrine usually wear flaming red bibs that contrast with the green moss covered statues.
  • Jidai Matsuri: Jidai Matsuri is one of the three most important festivals in the ancient capital of Japan. This festival shows traditional costumes from every period of Japanese history while walking through Kyoto’s streets under the autumnal colors of the trees.
  • Kawadoko: Kawadoko is a special seasonal way to eat close to nature and especially to the river. You can see the beautiful streets and the river colored by reflecting the sunset in the evening. The sound of the river and the Japanese lanterns light up are the perfect time to enjoy the summer evenings in Kyoto
  • Geiko: The capital of imperial Japan and the center of the country’s pre-modern culture, is the last bastion of geisha. It is an exquisitely anachronistic vocation that persists here like nowhere else. The city’s traditional teahouses are their workplace and graceful entertainment their specialty.
  • Night time: In Kyoto, with its long historical background as the capital, people were accustomed to a night life scene that was more lively and widespread, than anywhere else in Japan. Today they are a big part of the city and they bring joy and colours to it.
  • Spring time: Spring is one of the most beautiful seasons in Japan, the vegetation is flourishing, the colors of festivals and decorations create a festive atmosphere. The streets are filled with the beautiful colors of kimonos and the city is in full bloom.
  • Two women carrying an umbrella: The colors and graphic character of Japanese umbrellas are visible from afar and captivate the eye. The open umbrella seen from below is a circle, so it is considered an object that brings luck and prosperity, «keeping away evil spirits», it is said to have the ability to «round off the corners».
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