Ballon Sekko Momiji aroma ornament

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A ceramic diffuser of aromas for your rooms. Put a few drops of essential oil directly on the ceramic diffuser and let the fragrance absorb. You can adjust the fragrance mixing different aromas and varying the quantity; it can be used as a room diffuser or even as a drawer fragrance. Momiji is the Maple in Japanese. Autumn leaves that dye red the beautiful autumn mountains of Japan. A plant that colors the four seasons of Japan, which is sung in various poems including the Manyoshu. The language of flowers is "important memories", "beautiful changes".

All Ballon products are carefully finished by Japanese artisans in the atelier in Tokyo. Since the plaster hardens in a few tens of seconds, the creation is a difficult and precise task that does not require distractions. The delicate and precise Japanese handwork brings out the smallest details and creates Ballon's unique worldview.


  • Material: white plaster
  • Diffuser size: φ 3 cm x 1 cm
  • Box size: 6 cm x 5 cm x 3 cm
  • Integrated aroma: Kishu Japanese cypres from 0.5 ml
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