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Nikka Coffey Gin

Sale price€72,00

Produced in the Coffey column at Miyagiko distilleries, the first Nikka Gin is rich of fruit (yuzu, kabosu, amantsu, hirami lemon) and juniper berries. The fragrance is extremely high and reveals intensively notes of lime and orange blossoms. At taste, it notes the strong citrus flavor, with a surprisingly complexity of taste that goes to green tea and ripe fruit. Vigorous aftertaste with bitter orange notes.


Currently Nikka Distillery is widely recognized as one of the best Whiskey-producing distilleries, both in Japan and around the world. The Nikka selection of spirits is among the best Whiskey selection that the market can currently offer, and it is able to satisfy the taste of the most uncompromising lovers of the category.

  • Alcholic content: 47 %
NIKKA - Coffey gin - TENOHA e-shop
Nikka Coffey Gin Sale price€72,00