Ninki Ichi Sake Sparkling red

by Ninki Ichi


Ninki presents a sparkling sake fermented with the Champenoise method. The sake is obtained without the use of additives that modify the natural level of CO2, thus maintaining its natural characteristics of sweetness and acidity. It presents aromas of yeast and cream, with an aftertaste of rice and almond.

The sake NINKI ICHI is produced by adding to the traditional sake rice the Asamurasaki rice, one of the ancient "black rice" or "purple rice". This ancient rice contains Antiocyanins (a type of polyphenols), several B vitamins and many nutrients; in China it was considered the "rice of long life" and used as a healthy food, often given as a gift to the emperor.


  • Region: Tohoku
  • Sake meter value: -7 (semi-sweet)
  • Alcoholic content: 7%
  • Seimai buai (dehulling residue): 60%
  • Serving temperature: 100%