Natsuo Kirino

Le quattro casalinghe di Tokyo. Nuova ediz.

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The patience of the sweet and graceful Yaoyoi suddenly broke like a thread today. In the home entrance, in front of the unbearably insolent face of Kenji - the husband who squandered all her savings- Yaoyoi took off the belt of her trousers and tightened it around the neck of the wretch. Kenji tried to grab the belt, but it was too late. The strap went straight into his flesh. It was funny to see how Kenji's neck bent back, and how his hands began to gasp desperately. Yes, funny. Really funny, since a man like that, an unhappy one who drinks and plays, doesn't care about his children, is attracted to impossible women and beats his wife, he certainly didn't deserve to live! Legs left crooked on the concrete floor of the entrance, slumped on the threshold, his head all turned, Kenji, at a certain point, stopped moving at all. Yaoyoi put a hand on his neck to feel the pulse. Nothing. she saw a wet spot on his pants. And she laughed, amazed at the raging force, at the cruelty she had been capable of. She laughed again when Masako and Yoshie, her faithful friends, helped her bringing the corpse to Masako's home, cutting it into pieces and then throwing his remains into various garbage cans.


  • Translator: Lydia Origlia
  • Publisher: BEAT
  • Edition year: 2019
  • Format: Pocket
  • Pages: 652 p., Paperback
  • EAN 9788865596692
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