Protti PRC Technical Pencil

by Penac


The Penac Protti PRC Technical Pencil, dual function, came to innovate the world of writing and drawing.

This mechanical pencil wich has a retratable 4mm metal point and a lead damping system that protects it from breakage if excessive pressure is applied, allows a comfortable and precise writing. Comfort is also due to its ergonomic body with silicone rings in the handle area, and its practical Cauchion-Tip-Slide mechanism. This mechanism allows, when expending the lead, push the tip of the mechanical pencil inwards so it automatically leave another millimeter of lead that will allow you writing more 5 meters. In addition to the practical mechanism and comfort, this mechanical pencil also excels in the elegance of its body with a metal tip and grip.


  • Perfect for your writing and drawing, it has a sophisticated lead hardness indicator on the top, that shows HB, B, H, 2H, 3H and F, where, when removing the cover, you will find a high quality PVC and Latex rubber.
  • This item is available in 2 types: both black, 1 with the light blue silicone rings, that has 0.7mm of lead diameter and other with the lavender silicone rings, with a 0.5mm lead diameter.