NIIGATA SEIKI - Vernier caliper

by Seiki


The caliper is an instrument to measure the width and length of an object, the distance between two flat faces or the depth of a hole.

The vernier caliper consists of a graduated ruler made of two parts that slide axially between them, and are equipped with appendages (jaws, rods) serving as a stop for the dimensions to be measured.

Normally the fixed part or body is defined as the part that bears the main gradation, while the other is defined as a mobile part, or simply a cursor.

The cursor has a locking system (called brake) to avoid accidentally loosing the measurement while handling the instrument. Normally either a friction button or a locking screw are used. The maximum opening of the gauge is called the flow rate.


  • Material: plastic
  • An easy-to-read graduated scale with 1 mm graduation
  • Convenient 1mm vernier for when detailed numbers are not needed
  • White adhesive to customize the staircase according to the application
  • Magnet and strap hole for storage and carrying
  • Used to measure outside diameter, inside diameter, level difference and depth