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Usagi No Nedoko is a Japanese brand that creates Sola Cubes, acrylic cubes which capture a piece of nature. Each cube is handcrafted with great care to preserve an unaltered flower, fruit, leaf or mineral with a perfect result.

The true meaning of the Chinese kanji "sola" is universe; each of these 1.6 x 1.6 inches ethereal cubes surrounds the plant - a beautiful botanical specimen representing the magic of an enigmatic universe - in acrylic resin. And, the major enigma lies especially in the manufacturing process of these small wonders, handmade by Japanese artisans whose handcrafting skills are simply astounding. A skill that will intrigue and fascinate even the most demanding guest.


  • Dandelion: The Sola cube’s dandelion is the product with fresh flush being preserved inside the acrylic cube.
    Botanical essence: Live with the wind

  • Huayruro: The faboideae plant originated in South America. Their unique red colored seed has been cherished as talisman accessories since the time of ancient Inca Empire.
    Botanical essence: A happiness charm

  • Karamatsu: The name came from the way its leaves are attached resembling a pine tree (matsu) in the Chinese-style painting(kara-e). Its pine cone will open itself when dried, allowing the seeds in between to fly far.
    Botanical essence: Unwavering spirit

  • Globe thistle: The globe thistle has thorny flowers, but each of these thistles is a small bud, before the flowers bloom. After the flowers open, the globe thistle is transformed into a soft, fluffy flower.
    Botanical essence: Secret

  • Globe amaranth: The pink segments that look like flower petals are actually leaves that protect the flowers, which appear as small heads peeking out among the leaves.
    Botanical essence: love

  • Strawflower: Straw flowers are native to Australia, where they are thought to have evolved in a way that prevents moisture from dispersing in that very arid continent.
    Botanical essence: Reliability
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