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Karesansui kit (S) - DNS MERCH

Sale price$38.86

“Kare-san-sui” is a Japanese traditional garden style. This style of traditional gardening does not use any water and instead uses only sand and rocks are used in order to express the view of “san-sui” (Japanese scenery of mountains and waters). Moss has been a great part of this expression style.
KARESANSUI KIT is a kit that allows you to freely express and enjoy your original karesansui. The kit includes a Japanese traditional wooden box, FUJIGOKE, and other parts needed to build up a garden. You can add a handmade KUMADE as an option. KUMADE is a tool used to create a pattern on sand. There are three types of KUMADE you can choose from.
Karesansui kit (S) - DNS MERCH
Karesansui kit (S) - DNS MERCH Sale price$38.86