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Spice Yuzu Shichimi

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Shichimi with added yuzu. A sprinkling of this spice in the pot or in a bowl of miso soup brings out the aroma of the yuzu. Shichimi togarashi is a common Japanese dressing consisting of a mixture of seven ingredients. It is over 350 years old, with a recipe whose origins are rooted in medicinal herbs. Although the ingredients used to make shichimi differ from area to area, the following ingredients are commonly used by all: coarsely ground chili pepper, dried orange peel, white sesame, black sesame, algae, poppy seeds, ground ginger, ground Japanese pepper, perilla and hemp seeds. The Shichimi is very versatile: just spread a small amount on any dish to add a spicy note. It is not only suitable for Japanese dishes, such as soups, soba and noodles udon, but also goes well with meat and fish.

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Ramen Spices Yuzu Shichimi
Spice Yuzu Shichimi Sale price€14,00