Seicho Matsumoto

Tokyo Express

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In a Hakata Bay rocky cove, the bodies of a man and a woman are found at dawn. They are both young and beautiful. The bright color of the cheeks reveals that they have taken cyanide. A love suicide love, there is no doubt. The Fukuoka police seems to be almost disappointed: no investigation, no guilty. But, at least in the eyes of Torigai Jutaro -an old indolent detective with worn-out clothes - and his young colleague from Tokyo, Mihara Kiichi, something doesn’t feel right: if they both arrived with the same express from Tokyo, why was Sayama Ken'ichi - a ministry official at the center of a major corruption scandal- locked up in a hotel for five days waiting for a phone call? And why did he hurry off leaving a suitcase? But above all: where was she, her lover? the seductive Otoki who used to entertain customers in a restaurant as a job? Bizarre behavior for a couple who have decided to end it all. Fortunately, both Torigai and Mihara distrust preconceived ideas, and are endowed with an extraordinary perseverance and intuition. Because whoever hatched that cold, impeccable plot is a diabolical mind, capable of turning reality upside down. Not only that: he is a genius in time management.


  • Translator: Gala Maria Follaco
  • Publisher: Adelphi
  • Edition year: 2018
  • Pages: 175 p.
  • Format: Paperback
  • EAN 9788845932441
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