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Nagano Prefecture is located in the exact center of Japan, also known as "The Heart of Japan". From tea, sake and condiments to jewelry and fashion items, browse through the limited collection imported directly from Nagano.


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Nagano Ito-KantenNagano Ito-Kanten
Nagano Ito-Kanten Sale price$11.14
Nagano Draw String BagNagano Draw String Bag
Nagano Draw String Bag Sale price$144.76
Nagano KOKU Cutlery Set 3pz REDNagano KOKU Cutlery Set 3pz RED
Nagano KOKU Cutlery Set 3pz BLACKNagano KOKU Cutlery Set 3pz BLACK
Nagano Bento Box Lacquer S MIZUSHIRONagano Bento Box Lacquer S MIZUSHIRO
Nagano Bento Box Lacquer M KUROURUSHINagano Bento Box Lacquer M KUROURUSHI
Nagano Bento Box Lacquer L KIURUSHINagano Bento Box Lacquer L KIURUSHI
Nagano Bento Box Lacquer M KIURUSHINagano Bento Box Lacquer M KIURUSHI
Nagano Beeswax Wrap MNagano Beeswax Wrap M
Nagano Beeswax Wrap M Sale price$17.82
Nagano Beeswax Wrap SNagano Beeswax Wrap S
Nagano Beeswax Wrap S Sale price$14.48
Nagano Glass Schale MEDIUM CIRCLESNagano Glass Schale MEDIUM CIRCLES
Nagano Glass Schale SMALL CIRCLESNagano Glass Schale SMALL CIRCLES
Nagano Glass Schale SMALL DOTSNagano Glass Schale SMALL DOTS
Nagano Sabihakama KatakuchiNagano Sabihakama Katakuchi
Nagano Sabihakama Tumbler LNagano Sabihakama Tumbler L
Nagano Sabihakama Tumbler SNagano Sabihakama Tumbler S