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TENOHA Milano tells the essence of contemporary Japan, enhancing its characteristics and trends, always respecting its green soul and sustainability, important values ​​that derive from the etymology of the name.


The term TENOHA derives from the concepts of collaboration and idea creation. In Japanese, in fact, TE "hand" NO "a" HA "leaf" represents the gesture of "holding out your hands to those who get involved, giving life to new synergies and making every interaction possible".

The metaphorical idea that the people who live in TENOHA are many leaves that move in the wind of life could be told in a Japanese Haiku. From this fundamental ideal, TENOHA is committed as a company to offering products and services that respect the environment.

By reducing waste and minimizing environmental impact, TENOHA is moving towards increasingly sustainable development.

  • PACKAGING: since opening we have been using bags made with FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified paper or recycled paper, as well as all shipping boxes which are reusable by customers;

  • DELIVERY BY BIKE: for those who make a purchase within 5 km of the shop in Via Vigevano 18 in Milan, delivery is made by bike. Economical, fast and ecological;
  • JAPANESE PRODUCTS THAT LOOK AT THE ENVIRONMENT: in the Green Collection , you can find eco-friendly and made in Japan products made with recycled materials and from certified suppliers;

    Since the beginning of March we have been collaborating with moreTrees , a Japanese non-profit forest planting and conservation company led by the famous Japanese musician, Ryuichi Sakamoto.

    More Trees plans and organizes various programs aiming for a “society where forests and people coexist for generations to come” with one key word in mind: “ Connecting cities and forests” is their motto.

    Programs include “More Trees Forests,” working with local communities to conserve forests, planning and developing products and services using domestic timber, and sharing information and fascination with forests through workshops and events.

    We have planted more than 350 trees in Japan so far!
    You too can help us protect and plant new cedars and cypresses in Japan by adding just €1 for the paper bag to your shopping. In this way you make the planet greener and help us avoid waste.

    All proceeds will be donated to the company monthly: follow TENOHA's social channels to stay updated.


    Discover the TENOHA GREEN COLLECTION now