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Hagihara x Beams Japan Zabuton

Sale price€70,00

Hagiwara Co., Ltd. was founded in 1892. This is a company in Okayama Prefecture that focuses on carpets and furniture from design to sales. It is a global company that offers a full range of interior decoration products and actively trades in foreign markets outside Japan.

Rushes grown in Kumamoto Prefecture were used to make this product. The BEAMS JAPAN logo is made three-dimensional thanks to the jacquard weaving method.

Polyester felt fabric is used inside, which feels very soft when you sit on it. Each process is completed by skilled craftsmen.

This rattan cushion has good moisture wicking and wicking properties, making it refreshing and comfortable to touch.

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Hagihara x Beams Japan Zabuton
Hagihara x Beams Japan Zabuton Sale price€70,00