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Hito Eau de Parfum - Roll On

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L’Eau de Parfum HITO WA:IT blends the Japanese love for harmony and affinity with the nature with the vitality and Mediterranean warmth of Italian culture, giving life to a perfume that elevates the spirit and transcends the matter, turning into a breath of pure timeless beauty.

HITO eau de parfumcombines the golden sands and the crystalline blue of the Mediterranean seas with the silence and peace of the golden statues in the Japanese temples, in which the only perceptible sound is the flow of a small stream from the Zen garden.

HITO reminds the aromatherapy; its olfactory components have a balancing and relaxing actions on the chakra.


Some aromatherapy references:

  • YUZU balancing, relaxing, anti-stress
  • ELEMI balances the lower and upper chakras
  • FRANGIPANI awakens the emotions
  • CEDAR WOOD promotes harmony and self-esteem
  • CHERRY PLANT considered the plant of renewal in Japan
  • OAK MOSS relaxing

How to apply

  1. Apply on hot spots.

  2. Temples: A great place to apply HITO for immediate stress relief.

  3. Behind the ears: the best place to leave a "trail" if you are constantly on the move.

  4. Wrists: one of the classics. Avoid rubbing the wrists before the perfume has dried, to avoid the alteration of the fragrance


Sicilian Citruses, Yuzu, Elemi, Fig, A Mix of Green Notes, Pomelia, Peony, Rose, Japanese Black Tea, Cherry Tree, Cedarwood, Oak Moss

Hito Eau de Parfum - Roll On
Hito Eau de Parfum - Roll On Sale price€45,00