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Hanami perfumer

Sale price$16.75

The asymmetrical shape of the Hanami fragrance diffuser and vase leaves room for a new use. The flowers and fragrance sticks are apparently separate, but someway connected in the composition.

Designed by Denis Guidone, it is inspired by ikebana, the Japanese art of organizing flowers, branches, leaves and stems to give them a new life as material for art. In contrast to Western habits of randomly placing flowers in a vase, Ikebana aims to express emotions by bringing out the inner qualities of flowers and other living materials.


  • Handcrafted from borosilicate glass, Hanami is available in small, medium or large versions.
  • Dimensions: H x Diameter
    Small 15.2 × 8.3 cm
    Medium 18 x 11 cm
    Large 20.3 × 10.8 cm.
ichendolf Hanami perfumer
Hanami perfumer Sale price$16.75