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Incense Sticks PEAR

Sale price€18,00

Blending pear and the earthy charm of chamomile, this incense captures the invigorating essence of a freshly peeled pear, delivering a juicy, fruity aroma. The combination with chamomile, often called the "apple of the earth", produces an incense that not only exudes freshness but also embodies the juicy and pulpy quality of this delicious fruit. It's perfect for lifting your spirits or flipping a positive switch when tackling important tasks.

From Japan, Ichiko Ichie strives to express the aromas created by nature through the medium of incense. These perfumes contain complex nuances deeply rooted in the sweetness of the fragrance. The question "What is a real fragrance?" is central to the principles of Ichiko Ichie, which delves into the finer details of materiality and process, such as the shape of the ash, the smoke and even the temperature of the spark, to create scents that will last a lifetime and integrate comfortably into your everyday.

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Incense Sticks PEAR
Incense Sticks PEAR Sale price€18,00