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Kihara KOUSHUHAI Silver

Sale price$20.12

A line of cups for Sakè made of ceramic with crystal finish, silver powder and cigar wood. Unlike traditional sake bowls, with Kihara Sweet Sakè Cups you can feel more "perfume" and "taste" by drinking your favorite sake.

KIHARA, INC. is a Japanese porcelain manufacturer based in Arita, an area known for more than 400 years for the production of the famous Japanese porcelain. When you see Arita porcelain products, you realize how they differ from other porcelain in quality and strength.Fired at high temperatures, the pieces are thin but resistant, a testimony to the longevity of this honored Japanese art.


  • Each product is finished by hand.
  • Do not use in the microwave.
  • Cup dimensions:
    S (4.5 X 5 cm)
    M (7.5 9 cm)
Sweet Sakè Cups and bowl
Kihara KOUSHUHAI Silver Sale price$20.12