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Roller Colocolo Precia

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The 120mm web width of this dust catcher roller makes it perfect for tight spaces, allowing you to clean whenever you notice dirt.Thanks to its adhesive power, it is perfect for animal lovers.

By looking at an employee using duct tape to remove the dust from his clothes, COLOCOLO ™ was born. The 30-years-old brand produced by Nitto never stops to evolve, and it always develops new technologies, such as the “Double Adhesion” (it collects dirt without sticking to the floor) and the “Skut Cut” (it helps to recognizes the point where the tape is cut) . Since it can clean without using electricity, it is often used in places like food factories and disaster stricken areas. It is also used in the World Heritage Ogasawara Archipelago to remove foreign plant seeds from clothing.


  • Dimensions: Length 250 mm
  • Dimensions of the tape: width 120 mm × 70 turns φ 38 mm
  • Material:
    Tape: adhesive treated paper with special striped coating
    Shuft: stainless steel wire (chrome plating)
    Handle: polypropylene, elastomer
    Coil, Case: polypropylene
Roller Colocolo Precia - TENOHA E-SHOP
Roller Colocolo Precia Sale price$15.44 Regular price$23.15