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Paper Clinch

Sale price$11.17

The Paper Clinch uses a unique inter-folding process to fasten paper without using staples.

It is very easy to use: just open and slide the corner of the paper and press: the paper is fixed instantly. The Paper Clinch attaches the paper without the use of staples and the Power Assist mechanism is designed to attach the paper with minimal force. The Plus PAPER CLINCH is long-lasting and for many uses. The compact design allows you to easily store it in your desk, backpack, briefcase, bag or drawer.


  • Safe for children.
  • Paper shredder safe.
  • Perfect for school, home and office
  • Dimensions: 4.3" L x 1.5" W x 2.9" H
Paper Clinch - TENOHA E-SHOP
Paper Clinch Sale price$11.17