TILLANDSIA Rope Xerographica di Michieli Floricultura


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Tillandsia plants belong to the Bromeliads family. In their natural state, they are found on the American continent in regions ranging from rainy tropical forests to the desert areas of some regions of South America passing through the Andean highlands.

They are considered plants with a high decorative value, thanks to their beauty, the great variety of shapes, their exceptional flowering and the fact of being "intriguing" specimens. Almost all the species of this familt have no need for substrate (soil) to live and develop, as they absorb the nourishment and water they need through the leaves.

The Michieli Floriculture Company produces and cultivates large quantities of Tillandsia in different sizes, to fully satisfy all customer requests.


  • Rope Xerographica: The refined design is what best emphasizes the tillandsia ability to live without soil. A real living sculpture with very low maintenance, that will float on the tables, with a unique scenographic effect..
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